eFdV® Training platform

Thousands of sales representatives train on our platform

More than 20 tools for the professional’s daily activities

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Covered needs

Comprehensive solution for the education and training of the Sales Force

  • Knowledge management
  • Product training
  • Education and training of business skills
  • Support tools and management of daily activity for the Sales Force


  • Customisation to user profiles
  • Cost savings
  • Comprehensive monitoring of the training process
  • Greater vertical and horizontal communication within the company
  • Single repository of information
  • Involvement of other areas of the company (Marketing, Sales, HR, etc.)
  • Reports and real time information exploitation
  • Dashboards with business activity KPIs

Modules and tools:

  • Analysis of competition
  • Management of objections
  • Bibliographical alerts
  • The product's key messages
  • Arguments and promotional materials
  • Document management
  • e-learning training
  • Gamification
  • Role Play
  • E-coaching, business excellence
  • Product manuals
  • eTest
  • Cycle guides

General description

eFdV® is a global platform to the knowledge management and sales force training that covers all the training processes associated to the sales networks, in terms of professional knowledge and commercial skills (learning, materials cycle, management tools, knowledge assessment...).


Optimization and improvement of the entire intern processes of the company, especially those related to training and the achievement of commercial objectives.


  • Training and continuing education of sales force team in the sale process and product knowledge
  • Cost Reduction through the use of new digital technologies facilitating distribution and saving time
  • Comprehensive monitoring of the training process: new updates, knowledge assessment by delegates
  • Support tools and daily activity management of the sales force
  • Drastic increase in the drawing up of evaluations
  • Higher horizontal and vertical communication of the company
  • A single deposit of information. Involvement of other areas of the company (Marketing, Commercial, Human Resources...)


  • Product Information
  • Therapeutic area information
  • Cycle Guides
  • Single repository


  • Ongoing training
  • Evaluation
  • Online courses
  • Product manuals
  • Training pills


  • Collaborative
  • Communication
  • Daily practice support
  • Administration
Plataforma de entretenimiento


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