E-coaching - skills management platform

Identifies, evaluates and improves the skills of your sales team

eCoaching - Plataforma gestión de competencias

Covered needs

  • Management of Sales Force competencies
  • Attainment of business excellence by the sales team
  • Improvement of delegates’ resources, capabilities and skills
  • Complement for measuring objectives


Online tool for skills management

  • Personalised monitoring and evaluation of commercial visits
  • Definition and classification of competencies according to profile
  • Evaluation of each profile’s levels
  • Development of action plans to improve these skills
  • Detailed reports for the decision-making process
  • Module can be combined with eFdV

What does the e-coaching platform offer?

The aim of e-coaching is the commercial excellence of the sales team. To do this, Quodem offers a platform that improves the resources, capacities and skills of the sales manager by tracking and evaluating the commercial visit and the establishment of an action plan to improve the competences.

The coach or manager will decide the level of the sales manager in these competences by evaluating its daily practice. To improve the level and performance of each capacity, Quodem allows developing a development action plan.

This plan, customized for each sales manager, constitutes the major guide of the e-coaching model and it is composed of a series of actions and resources which help in improving performance of that capacity.

E-coaching characteristics

  • Commercial Excellence Model
  • Competences
  • Capacities
  • Level of knowledge and skills
  • Evaluation protocol of the sales manager
  • Evaluation and classification of the sales manager
  • Development guide elaboraton
  • Consult of the evaluation
  • Metrics
eCoaching - Plataforma gestión de competencias


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