Register of patients

To treat the patient, we must first know them

Register of patients

Covered needs

Multi platforms for electronic registering of patients associated with clinical studies and subsequent use of collected information


  • Biostatistics
  • Usability
  • Restricted access
  • Data Protection Law
  • High security: Encryption and coding of information
  • Designed according to centre/specialist
  • Real-time use of information
  • Statistical and methodological analysis of the results

Specialised Platforms

  • Slide Builder. Generator of online presentations
  • User Registries - SSO
  • QR Codes Platform
  • Image/video bank
  • Online platform for market research and surveys
  • Self-diagnosis and calculators
  • Generation of online catalogues
  • Dossiers for scientists
  • Online communication tool
  • Bibliographical alerts
  • Management of samples
  • Electronic voting
  • Interactive videos
  • DAM - Digital Asset Management
  • Virtual reality
  • Emotional Projects

General description

Multi-platform application for the electronic patient record, associated to a clinical study and the exploitation of the information collected. Characteristics:

  • Web application of restricted access for the patient registration
  • Security. Encryption and encryption of information.
  • User profiles with different privileges depending on the researcher
  • Multicenter. Each researcher or each centre has personalised privileges, in order to be able to access their information exclusively.
  • Multiplatform. Platform access from different devices: Web, Smartphone, Tablet...
  • Exploitation of information in real time using customized reports
  • Statistical and methodological analysis of the results.

Register of patient’s objective

Clinical studies development for the medical profession and the obtainment of promotional and scientific material.


  • Cost Reduction
  • Tracking and monitoring in real time
  • Automatic validation of variables
  • Dramatic decrease of errors associated to the data collection
  • More detailed statistical treatment easy to handle


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