Programmes for adherence and compliance

Increased adherence to treatment with technology

Programmes for adherence and compliance

Covered needs

Digital solutions that ensure patients’ adherence to their treatments

  • Suitable for:
  • Chronic prescription products, familiarisation with the treatment regimen.
  • Products with changes in treatment regimen over time.
  • Products with doses spaced over time (vaccines).
  • Advantages:
  • Improves patient health when treatment is followed.
  • Increases laboratory sales: dropout rate decreases.
  • Allows the medical professional to offer patients value-added services.
  • CSR regarding government agencies.


  • Programmes based on rigorous quantitative and qualitative analysis of non-compliance.
  • Education and control as pillars for ensuring awareness of all participants.
  • Specialised platform.
  • Apps.
  • Reminders.
  • Voice portal.
  • Advice and reinforcement.

General description and objectives

Digital solutions that help to improve the compliance and adherence of the treatment of all patients, using technologies such as SMS, eMail, gaming or Apps in order to remind the prescription guidelines associated to that treatment.


The advantages can be found in the compliance percentages and in a significant increase of the product net sales. Benefits for all the agents involved:

  • Laboratory: real increase in sales: Decreased dropout rate
  • Professional: added value service offered to the patient
  • Patient: treatment compliance, improved health
  • Health authorities: less health spending

Critical success points

  • Active involvement of sales force team
  • Real-time information of the campaign status. Objectives measurement
  • Products related to chronic prescriptions and habituation to the treatment guidelines
  • Products with changes in treatment regimen over time
  • Products with spaced doses in the time (vaccines)
  • eCompliance


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