Scientific content

Contents treated with the care they deserve

Quality, rigour and specialisation

Scientific content

Covered needs

Development of reliable, up-to-date and quality scientific content in collaboration with opinion leaders, scientific societies and specialised committees

Content Marketing


  • Medical and scientific material on diseases, treatments, pharmacopoeia, medical protocols and other aspects of medical practice
  • External validation by specialised agencies
  • Identification and credentials of authors
  • Pedagogical adaptation
  • Content update service
  • Scientific and ethical perspective

Medical and scientific material about pathologies, treatments, Pharmacopedia, medical protocols and other matters related to the medical practice, which constitute a very sensitive material due to the ethical and social implications by having influence in people and society.

There are many actors involved in the elaboration of this content and this, with the easy accessibility from Internet, makes it imperative its external validation by specialist organisms with an ethical and scientific focus very high in its analysis.


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