Professional skills content

Developing professional skills makes a difference

Professional skills content

Covered needs

  • Development of professional techniques for competitive and characteristic employees
  • Skills and essential professional skills for professional growth


  • Time-management - optimisation techniques and updating
  • Doctor Liability Insurance for negligence
  • Personal Doctor Care
  • Health workers and conscientious objection
  • Right decisions
  • How to reach consensus. Negotiation techniques
  • Impose or persuade. Techniques to get results with your team.
  • Statistical tools: Diagnostic test assessment.
  • Creative thinking.
  • How to easily manage a project
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Problem resolution
  • Critical capacity
  • Statistical tools: Cluster analysis

The importance to develop professional skills

Because the most valuable asset of a company is the employee, it is very important to provide him the knowledge and professional skills for his professional growth within the company.

Quodem has an extensive experience in this role with the elaboration of content that allows developing techniques of professional skills to train competitive and differential employees.

Some of the techniques include Time-management or problems resolution.