Video Marketing

A video is worth a picture and a thousand words

Videos enhance the audiences’ retention of the message (95% compared to 10% for text after 72 hours)


Covered needs

  • Enhances retention of your message
  • Attracts interest
  • Creates a greater impact
  • Increases the duration of visits
  • Goes viral


  • Interactive videos: The user participates and decides
  • Role Play or virtual simulators
  • Video Portal
  • Online Retransmission - Livestreaming
  • VOD (Video on demand) Webcast
  • Webinar
  • Event coverage
  • Motion graphics, Videoscribing, 3D
  • Conceptualisation, script and storyboard

What is video marketing?

Video marketing is the promotion of products or services with the latest technology in video where the user becomes the protagonist to live a unique experience.

Benefits of the video marketing

  • Proximity: users prefer to buy a product or requesting a service in audiovisual format, providing them an intuitive knowledge of the person or company
  • Confidence: customers prefer to buy a product or requesting a service of anyone whose voice they have listened or watched in a video
  • Interest: 80% of the Internet users prefer to click on a video before another link, according to Benjamin Wayne, general director of Fliqz, a company specialised in videos
  • Presentation: videos help to present products in an attractive and effective format
  • Length of visit: in entering the video format in the web site, it increases the average time users spend browsing there
  • Web positioning: YouTube videos can appear on the first page of Google and, in this way, generate more traffic to the company’s webpage
  • Conversion: as a result of all above points, the conversion rate will improve markedly


QuoVideo is the specialised product line of Quodem in Video Marketing that turns a simple video into a surprising interactive experience, multiplying the conversion rate of traditional formats by 10.