UX - Design Research

UX: Make your site an easy, comfortable and intuitive place to browse

A good user experience means don't make your users think


Covered needs

We generate positive perceptions in the user.

  • Conceptualisation of needs
  • In-depth knowledge of our end users
  • Prototyping business solutions
  • Design a product that covers your needs
  • Test compliance with objectives


  • Research: user needs, heuristic data, interviews, focus groups, analytical data, customer journey, etc.
  • Prototype with iterations to define the product
  • Monitoring during the product development phase
  • Identification of the customer journey -> touchpoints
  • Quantify with touchpoints what most worries the customer
  • Define a clear client experience aspiration.
  • Capture customer feedback

Specialised team of UX in Quodem

Quodem has a specialised team of UX (User Experience) which analyses all the interactive elements of the users with the environment with the aim of creating the best user experience. It is divided into three sections:

  • Design: hardware, software, usability, interaction design, accessibility and graphic design
  • Content quality, web utility...
  • Emotions, feelings, web site construction, brand management, product reliability...

The UX team of Quodem works to optimize all these elements to make the users who visit an environment or device of our clients an easier and effective browsing.

Basic principles of UX

  • Human knowledge: determine how human works within the network, the level of attention, etc.
  • User's knowledge: technical studies before, during and after the product launch
  • Clarity: define concepts using daily words with the aim to avoid confusions and reduce the user cognitive effort
  • Identify the use: people can use the technology in a way not initially expected by the company. Hence the importance to identify the actual use
  • Simplicity: websites have to leave spaces to rest the eye and show the content in a simple and easy manner
  • Multiplatform: the same site has to be able to work in all platforms keeping the format


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