Social Networks

Listen, interact and share with your users

We design social networks strategies to attract and retain customers

Redes Sociales

covered needs

  • Communication
  • User profile - identifying real needs
  • Loyalty
  • Increase client numbers
  • Brand image
  • Promotional actions
  • Going viral


  • Community Manager
  • Content Strategy
  • Microsegmentation
  • Social Ads
  • Analysis of relevance
  • Drivers
  • Opinion leaders - Influencers
  • Analytical data and monitoring

Advantages of social networks for companies

The presence of companies in social networks is very important due to the advantages as a channel of communication:

  • Higher brand visibility
  • Improvement of the company's image
  • Bring more web traffic
  • Help to identify new business opportunities
  • Strengthen the content marketing strategy
  • Higher knowledge of your target
  • Better communication with customers

Social networks strategies

Quodem has a team of experts in this sector that helps in the development of social networks strategies as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn in order to launch recruitment or loyalty campaigns, products and services launching... with these actions:

  • Social networks advertising
  • Creation of quality content
  • Interactive contents and services
  • Promotional materials
  • Presentation to clients
  • Online reputation management


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