Product and corporate website

The most important thing in the digital world is your image


Covered needs

  • Prescription product website targeting Healthcare Professionals
  • Consumer product websites targeting the general public
  • Company corporate website
  • Websites for Companies and Organisations


  • SingleSignOn
  • CMS
  • Content generation
  • Business Intelligence
  • Integration with corporate applications
  • Security (Security Scan)
  • LOPD – Data Protection
  • Infrastructure created from latest technology
  • Scalability (users and technology)
  • Multidevice

Corporate web design

The corporate web design consists of creating a web page with all the information of a particular company, that is to say, the online show case of the company. It includes:

  • UX studies
  • Design
  • HTML and Development
  • Hosting
  • Analytics

Product web design

Quodem has a wide experience in the product web design for health professionals with the information and training of any specific product and its pathologies. It includes:

  • Clinical trials and studies
  • Bibliographic references and publications
  • Congresses and associated events
  • Online communication – SMS/ mail
  • Sample request
  • Online services for the physician


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