Conceptualisation, creativity and design

We transform business needs into ideas that work


Covered needs

  • Conceptualising business needs
  • Development of visual identity and application of graphic and digital pieces
  • Strengthen the brand image
  • Promotion and dissemination
  • Making messages with highly visual content go viral


  • We create concepts and creative solutions
  • We give an identity and create a communication axis that is pleasant to the user’s senses, imagination and understanding
  • The methods used to develop our projects include strategy thinking and creative action
  • We define problems, generate ideas to solve them and then shape and colour them

Creative concept definition

In Quodem we are experts generating ideas and creative concepts which we give a design and identity to respond to our clients’ needs. To do this, we ask:

  • Which is the objective?
  • What do we want to transmit?
  • How are we going to transmit it?

The goal is to achieve a positive and successful impact in people who we address our messages, thanks to the creativity and communisation, to transmit concepts in an attractive and understandable manner.

How we transmit the creative concept

  • Design and creativity: we have a department of specialists in creating innovative strategies of marketing in any environment
  • Usability: we have a specific team of UX that works through design model of interactions, with the aim of optimising the user experience
  • Accessibility: We design and programme our projects complying the directives of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (WCAG)
  • Mobility: we are experts in Responsive Design, Web Apps and Apps for iOS/Android, incorporating all the capacities of the new devices to the digital marketing strategies
  • Indexability: the Search Engine Optimization has to be taken into account from the beginning in designing and developing a site on the Internet. We also implement SEM strategies to optimize the indexation of the site content by search engines


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