Training and simulators

Training and simulators

Training and simulators


Training courses and virtual simulators oriented to pharmacists. Assessment and improvement of commercial skills, management skills, implementation and execution of good practices, knowledge about pathology, diagnostic tests and treatments.


Using virtual simulators and decision trees allows an optimization of the pharmacist's reactions as multiple possibilities and scenarios in specific situations are represented.


The multiplicity of situations in which the professional pharmacist can find himself/herself when doing his/her job requires specific training in handling each one of them. This is achieved in an efficient and proven way with the use of virtual simulators and decision trees.


  • Improves the relationship of the pharmacist with all stakeholders in the sector.
  • Self-Assessment of knowledge and process improvement.
  • Ongoing training.


  • Definition of caseloads.
  • Knowledge of the medium and agents involved..
  • Updating and feedback from new cases.


  • Turnover and loyalty variation measurement.
  • Defining the KPI's.
  • Measuring the ROI

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