Telemedicine and monitoring

Telemedicine and monitoring

Telemedicine and monitoring


In addition to providing continuity of care to the patient at home or in the workplace, the services and programs for remote patient control allow the prevention of complications and even more accurate diagnosis and therefore more effective treatment, this is primarily due to the great amount of data which, properly analysed and used, allow medical and scientific research advancement.


Telemedicine is definitely a growing trend due to the central role given to the patient and their caregivers in the treatment of disease and to the active monitoring provided to healthcare professionals. Health self-management and the continuity of care implied have a significant impact on the quality of life of patients and the management of health care resources in the health sector.


There are many factors that justify the adoption of telemedicine technologies and monitoring:

  • Aging population
  • Increased chronicity and comorbidity
  • Impact on patient quality of life
  • Recurrent care expenditure increase
  • Efficient management of resources


  • Contribution in patient self-care.
  • Continuity of care in the patient's home.
  • Remote and virtual monitoring of disease progression.
  • Programming and continued monitoring of treatment.
  • Contributing large amounts of data which impacts on the scientific studies
  • Ability to adapt to each pathology, group and complexity level
  • Evaluate protocols applied by health intelligence systems based on medical and scientific evidence.


  • Quality of care indicators measurement (readmissions, mortality, etc.).
  • Patient's quality of life improvement.

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