Enhancing Web 2.0, multichannel marketing and audience segmentation through online channels and social networks

Social Media

Social Media


Maximize the full potential of the Web 2.0 for marketing management, information, online communities and audiences.


The social networks are large communities of users and represent today the most powerful channel of communication with which we can count. This is due to its global nature and the large number of people who use them.

The development and implementation of Social Media strategies allow to increase the number of potential customers and retain existing ones, encouraging recommendation due to the strong virality of the information in these communities.

QUODEM has a highly skilled team, needed for the successful development of an effective and qualitative Social Media strategy.

The Community Manager figure represents a team of people responsible for maintaining and updating all the elements of a Social Media strategy. Their goal is to maintain a flow of content and constant quality information for achieving the desired results through proper dissemination and promotion.

Some of the actions required to execute a Social Media strategy are:

  • Advertising campaigns on social networks.
  • Disclosure in forums, blogs and opinion leader communities.
  • Creating quality content.
  • Highly interactive content and services.
  • Promotional materials..
  • Presentation to customers.
  • Online Reputation Management.


80% of Spanish Internet users regularly make use of social networks, the number of users having increased by 5% over 2012.

Conducting a Social Media campaign has important advantages that mainly affect the following:


  • Maximize the number of hits on our target audience.
  • Dissemination of our Internet campaign.
  • Significant increase in the number of visits to our Web Portal.


  • The content and quality of the same.
  • Definition and analysis of the type of audience.
  • Social networks essence.
  • Company category.
  • Brand Personality.
  • Company Maturity in Marketing.
  • Marketing and Communication Objectives..
  • Budget.


  • Recommendations and virality.
  • Number of followers.
  • Defining KPIs allow us to vary our Social Media strategy and optimize the results.
  • Measuring the ROI.

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