Training and virtual simulators aimed to sales forces




Training courses and virtual simulators aimed at the Sales Force in the pharmaceutical sector. Evaluation and improvement of sales skills, handling objections, implementation and execution of good practices, materials handling, knowledge about pathology and product, etc.


Using virtual simulators and decision trees allows the optimization of the sales force actions, as multiple possibilities and scenarios in specific situations are represented to the user.

Role-play Simulator. The sales rep simulates a virtual visit to the doctor. Each time, the sales rep chooses: the selling point to present to the doctor; which answer to give to the doctor’s questions; and which material to use. The system allows the user to advance to the end, interacting and displaying information depending on the options chosen. This provides a realistic simulation of the interaction of the visit.

Once the role-play is completed, the final result is shown to the user together with the optimal path. The final results can be measured in different measurable variables such as score, visit time, perceived value, quality and materials handling, etc


The multiplicity of situations in which the sales team can find themselves requires specific training in handling each one of them. This is achieved in an efficient and proven way with the use of virtual simulators.

The role-play tool has been widely used in skill training. The individual can use these simulators as often as necessary until he/she obtains optimum results.


  • Improvement and efficiency of the doctor's visit.
  • Self-training and support tool.
  • Evaluation of the pharmaceutical sales rep’s knowledge.
  • Ongoing training plans.


  • Definition of caseloads.
  • Doctor's profile.
  • Knowledge of the medium and agents involved.
  • Updating and feedback from new cases.

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