Strategies and best practices to optimize web positioning on search engines.




Impact and get our messages and content to the highest number of target users. Increase user traffic to our web page. Increase the number of visits to our web Portal or internet campaign.


Positioning of Web pages in search engines

QUODEM has specialized in SEM (Search Engine Marketing), combining the most advanced techniques in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and carrying out campaigns on the Internet and search engines (AdWords).

Search engine optimization must be taken into account from the outset when designing and developing a website. Some of the key success factors in search engine optimization are:

Successful positioning strategies can only be achieved through proven experience in real projects and effective development methodology.


Often projects and campaigns on the Internet do not reach the desired success and the expected impact objective on the target audience is not reached.

Increasingly, search engines are our user’s gateway to Internet. More than 80% of the traffic received by Web pages comes from search engines and more specifically from Google.

Enhance the presence and position in which a Web page appears in search engines is a key success factor in a campaign or Internet Web project. With SEM strategy some of our customers have doubled their number of visits in less than a month.


  • Maximize the number of hits on our target audience.
  • Dissemination of our Internet campaign.
  • Significant increase in the number of visits to our Web Portal.


  • Consider a good positioning strategy from the outset.
  • Segmentation and consistency.
  • Being advised by experts.
  • Combining SEO with Digital Marketing actions.


  • Position of our Website in search engine results.
  • PageRank.
  • Number of visits.
  • Pageviews.

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