Self-diagnosis and calculators

Self-diagnosis and calculators

Self-diagnosis and calculators


Development of calculators and programs for self-diagnosis, prevention and patient and caregiver counselling in different pathologies.


These are tools that are available to the patient and their caregivers which allow self-analysis or self-diagnosis, thus giving continuity to the care process outside the clinic and hospital setting. For this, the patient has tools such as calculators, graphs, and tables that allow him/her to monitor the progress of a disease, its prevention or detection.

The technology needed to make a self-diagnosis test accessible to a patient must be very accurate and yet very easy to use. A person with a very brief training must be able to perform certain functions typically performed by a qualified healthcare professional.


Self-diagnosis can save the health system certain costs in the management of patients, but primarily prevents a number of costs and inconveniences for the patient such as journeys to and fro, loss of working hours, etc. Therefore, cost-effectiveness studies are usually positive if done from a social perspective besides a care perspective.


  • The patient doesn't have to go to any health centre, pharmacy or test centre to obtain the result.
  • Chronic disease monitoring .
  • Allows the patient to assume joint responsibility for the care of the disease
  • Continuity of care.
  • Relapses and readmissions reduction.


  • Adding value to the care process
  • Developing technologies with a high degree of
  • Functions that meet the needs of users.


  • Measurement of quality of care indicators such as readmissions and mortality

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