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Sales Key Messages

Sales Key Messages


To manage and handle key product messages.


An application presenting the main messages to be transmitted when positioning the company's products. The application allows:

  • Differentiation by product and status.
  • Selection of main key messages.
  • Handling and treatment of each message.
  • Bibliography and material supporting each message.
  • Scientific and promotional material for each message.
  • Possibility to integrate with the ‘handling objections’ module, competitor analysis and cycle guides.


It is essential during the sales process to capture the audience’s attention as soon as contact is made, and to continue in the same vein. The key messages seek to optimize the first impression that a potential customer has regarding the services or products offered. Key messages help to achieve sales objectives and foster long-term relationships with customers.


  • Sales network training.
  • Online inquiry tool.
  • Objectives achievement.
  • It allows customer relationship development.
  • Customization by profiles: sales rep, KAM, MSL, etc.


  • Brief and to-the-point.
  • Integration with handling objections, competitor analysis and cycle guides.
  • Customizing the message to the specific objectives or characteristics in each case.
  • Online availability.

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