Reps Training Platform

Reps Training Platform

Reps Training Platform


Optimization and improvement of all the company's internal processes, especially those related to training and the achievement of the sales objectives.


eFdV® is a global platform for Knowledge Management and Sales Force Training which covers all processes related to the training of Sales Networks in terms of professional knowledge and sales skills (training, cycle materials, management tools, knowledge evaluation).


  • Accessible from anywhere with Internet access, easy download.
  • Customization through the user profiles of all the platform information and tools according to the company's organization chart.
  • Comprehensive information concerning the productand Therapeutic Area. Each Sales Network has access only to their products
  • Easy adaptation and introduction of all sorts of materials: PowerPoint, PDF, Flash, HTML, videos, etc.
  • Collaborative tools.
  • Useful tools for managing the representative's daily activities. (Competitor Analysis, Sales Arguments, Bibliographical References Updates, Handling objections, Conference and Event Management, Promotional Material Management, Glossary of Terms, etc.).
  • Sales Force ongoing training. Access to training courses. eLearning platform.
  • Access to all Cycle information.
  • Ongoing assessment of knowledge and skills.Tool for the management and development of any type of examination or test through Internet.
  • Compatibility with organizational systems. .
  • All departments and its hierarchical structure are reflected on the platform, this allows an extraordinary degree of customization and the use of information at the lowest level.
  • Reports and information use. Real time information consultation. (Standard reporting, specific, statistics on access). Each user profile has access to specific reports.

eCompliance, programas de cumplimiento


Due to the regulation of medical visits by the Public Administration, and the fact that healthcare professionals demand quality information and training, there is a change of trend in the sector's strategy towards increasing the efficiency of the sales processes: higher quality in the visit to the detriment to the number of hits. If we add the increased competition among laboratories in their marketing and sales activities, this leads us to the need for a Sales Force with a better qualified profile, both in technical knowledge as well as sales skills. New models in knowledge management and training of the Sales Force are required in order to make all the information, training and materials available to the sales rep for his/her day-to-day activities in a simple and accessible way.


  • Sales force training and ongoing education in the sales process and product knowledge.
  • Cost reduction through the use of new technologies, simpler distribution and time savings.
  • Complete monitoring of the training process: new updates, knowledge evaluation by representatives.
  • Support and management tools for the Sales Force daily activity.
  • Sharp increase in evaluations.
  • Increased communication both vertically as well as horizontally within the company.
  • Single information repository, involvement of other areas of the company (Marketing, Sales, HR, etc...).


  • Active involvement and emphasis on Sales Force promotion.
  • Adaptation and inclusion of all possible materials.
  • Tools to facilitate and assist the representative's daily management.
  • Ongoing training and evaluation of the sales force’ knowledge and skills.


  • Real-time reporting on global activity.
  • Number of students and their status.
  • Custom reports and statistics for tutors, coordinators and the management.
  • Detailed analysis of the responses.

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