Design and development of websites focusing on pharmaceutical products aimed at informing medical professionals about indications and diagnosis, prescription regimens and drug interactions

Product and prescription website

Product and prescription website


To inform the healthcare professional about the product indications and the pathologies it treats.


The product and prescription web portal is a website aimed at medical professionals with all the product-related information and scientific training and targeted pathologies. Generally, it will include information related to the marketing of the same, endorsing clinical trials and studies, internet literature references, publications, conferences and events associated with the commercial activity of the marketing department, online communication (SMS and e-mail) with the local area representative of the sales line which promotes it, sample requests. Similarly, online servicesthat are useful to the doctor's activity may be offered (medical calculators, online atlas, tables, and scientific articles requests).


Today, 63% of the population are regular Internet users, of which 93% are searching for information. This rate of use is even greater in those population groups with an on-going need for information and training in their professional development, as in the case of physicians (89%). Searching on the internet for information related to pathologies and treatment, as well as related clinical trials and scientific studies, is a constant requirement in a physician’s daily activity. Therefore it is critical that prescription products, especially those in thegrowth and maturity stages, provide all the available information on the drug in an unrestricted, fast and up to date means


  • Easy usability of product information to the medical community.
  • Use of multimedia material , (sales network for promotion) and online channels (Internet)
  • Hits on the medical community during Internet use.


  • Sales Force involvement in the promotion.
  • Doctor's incentive for the first visit/registration.
  • Legal environment compliance (Website aimed exclusively to medical professionals).
  • Ongoing promotion and content updating. Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


  • Monthly unique visitors
  • Percentage of revisits (more than one visit in the last two months)
  • Possibility of study on changes in prescription habits of two groups: users and control group

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