Patients Online Services

Patients Online Services

Patients Online Services


Improve the pharmacy's daily clinical practice and support all the processes in which it interacts with the patients and their caregivers by designing value-added services to strengthen their loyalty.

Design and implementation of back-office services such as sending SMS to inform patients of the availability of products or reminding them of the need to replenish supply and management of promotions and offers.


Pharmacies have adopted in recent years an even more important role in the relationship with patients. This is mainly due to the legislative changes that health systems have experienced and a deep cultural change in terms of prevention and self-care

These changes have positioned pharmacists as the most reliable and accessible channel for patients deciding or seeking advice on their pharmacological treatment, which has resulted in an increased workload in the daily practice of these professionals. In contrast, they have not experienced an increased management capacity in order to meet such an abrupt change in the healthcare field.


It is therefore essential to provide pharmacy professionals with tools to optimize their relationship with patients and enable further recruitment and retention of new customers.


  • Definition of value-added services.
  • Definition of loyalty and recruitment strategies.


  • Customer progress monitoring.
  • Increase in turnover.
  • Defining the KPI's.

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