Patients communities

Patients communities

Patients communities


Communities restricted to patients with the same pathology, for sharing experiences, testimonies, knowledge and support.


The online patient communities are a recent phenomenon and represent an important evidence of social networks penetration in healthcare. They allow users to obtain help and support for their pathology providing strategies for overcoming or coping with the disease.


Patients are increasingly demanding more control over their health based primarily on the information about it, being attentive to new scientific developments and sharing experiences that allow them to cure or alleviate their condition.

The development of patient communities involves a globalization of the different clinical cases, potentially representing an opportunity to advance in the treatment of all kinds of diseases, but especially in those considered rare diseases due to their low local prevalence.


  • Information and tools for patients and caregivers.
  • Participatory and horizontal communication: People are more likely to share information and experiences.
  • People from any geographic area participate, thus increasing the number of experiences and clinical cases.
  • Supplier participation is more attractive.


  • Useful tools.
  • Quality content.


  • Number of users.
  • Recommendations.
  • Recognition of usefulness by healthcare professionals.

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