Pathologies Platform

Pathologies Platform

Pathologies Platform


Pathology reference platforms based on the registration of doctors and the validation of their identity offline and brand building for patients. Powerful micromarketing tool given the user data segmentation and quality.

Besides this, the increase in diagnoses based on a correct identification of the disease must also be pursued for the medical community.

Similarly, a second brand can be created in this way through the website for those drugs which are not impacted on the patients but that are largely governed by fast moving consumer goods FMCG (rules).

Portal de Fidelizacion


Design and development of a website for the pathology for which the product is indicated

This web portal may contain information for professionals, including training, clinical studies, literature references, resources of interest; and information for patients with advice for its prevention, treatment, symptoms, consequences of the disease, virtual communities, etc.


One of the critical points within a pharmaceutical marketing plan is to ensure that the disease treated by our product is correctly diagnosed by doctors, especially if we have a leading position in the market. This allows us to increase the number of diagnoses, and improve efficiency in patient treatments.

Similarly, we should take into account the prescription products whose promotion among the medical community becomes invalid when the consumer motivator figure of this type of drugs (the doctor) is transferred to the patient, for example in cases where dispensing without a prescription is possible or when it is the same patient who requests a specific brand name to the doctor. We are before a mass consumer market and so finding new promotional channels among the real product customers (patients) is necessary. Internet, and a website on the pathology, can have a second brand to channel the marketing actions of the drug. Currently, 22.6% of Internet users look on the web for information related to health issues.


  • Better identification of the disease by the medical community
  • Increased diagnoses, and therefore increased prescriptions for our product.
  • Opening channels of communication with patients.
  • Acquisition of competitive advantage.


  • Creating a second brand. Reference web portal.
  • Micromarketing and loyalty projects
  • Ongoing promotion and content updating.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Transmitting an image of independence and professionalism.
  • Endorsement by a scientific society or research group.
  • Second brand image in line with the product.


  • Monthly unique visitors
  • Vacant areas coverage
  • Percentage of revisits (more than one visit in the last two months))
  • Building user loyalty

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