Objections Handler

Objections Handler

Objections Handler


To optimize objection handling and thereby achieve the objectives in the sales process.


This solution provides an information repository of all the possible objections that may arise and how to address them. The main functions are:

  • Filtering and search by product
  • Categorization by type of objection
  • Contextual search.
  • Real time reporting of a new objection.
  • Management and handling of reported new objections.
  • Referral to other areas.


Handling objections is a fundamental sales techniques and it is based on managing customer needs to meet their expectations, so as to achieve a high degree of satisfaction. Every sale includes one or more objections, therefore it is imperative to know how to handle them during the negotiation process.


  • Anticipating the objection.
  • Doctor's visit improvement.
  • Tool for the representative's daily practice.
  • Activity control and monitoring.
  • Differentiation by Lines, Products and/or Areas
  • Customization by profiles: sales rep, Area Manager, MSL, etc.


  • Correct definition of objections types.
  • Listing of key points in the sales process.
  • Multidevice
  • Easy upgrade
  • Customization

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