Design and development of communication and loyalty strategies through new channels

Multichannel Marketing

Multichannel Marketing


To increase the number of hits of a PR and advertising campaign, using new channels (Internet, smartphones, tablets, social networks, e-mail, mobile phone, etc.).


Designing and creating independent multichannel communication campaigns (Internet, smartphones, tablets, Apps, social networks, e-mail, mobile phone, SMS ...) or as part of a more generic offline media campaign (newspapers, journals, mailing, etc.), to increase the number of hit and reach a greater number of doctors.

Platform for the management of communication and promotion campaigns through various channels, consistently using the different media compatible with multichannel marketing.

Representación gráfica de como funciona una campaña multicanal: e-mail, SMS, MMS, VOZ, Marketing Directo, Buscadores


Today, the use of email and mobile phones reaches more than 90% of the professional communities, such as doctors. Similarly, many people use the Internet to find professional information, manage Apps in everyday medical practice or use social networks to communicate with each other or with their patients. Therefore, a communication and/or advertising campaign using these media plus the traditional ones guarantees a higher number of hits and greater coverage


  • Internet: Vast amounts of information at the user's disposal. Information available on user request (zero intrusiveness)
  • social networks: Using social media as a new channel of communication with our customers.
  • Mobile Phones (Apps): Smartphones are an increasingly useful way to reach our target audience.
  • E-mail: Non-intrusive communication, impacting the doctor during his free time. Allows interactivity. Saves costs and implementation time. Format flexibility. Parametrizable. Universality. Comprehensive measurement of results.
  • SMS - mobile telephony: Ubiquity of the medium. Immediacy of communication. Allows limited interactivity.
  • Online campaign.


  • Regulatory approval and user permission to receive information using these media (informed consent).
  • Segmentation and consistency in the message received through each channel. 360º Marketing
  • Monitoring and analysis of results, allowing feedback on the marketing strategy.
  • Adaptation of the campaign to the medium employed without losing consistency in the message to be transmitted.


  • E-mail: E-mail effectiveness ratio, CTR (Click Through Rate)
  • SMS: Message effectiveness ratio
  • Internet: Number of visits and hits.
  • social networks: Followers and behaviour.
  • Apps: Downloads and use.

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