To optimization visits and reinforcement the key message Reps can use Apps to show more engaging digital content to the doctors

Interactive Visit (iPad)

Interactive Visit (iPad)


Design and development of interactive materials for doctor's visits adapted for iPad devices.


QUODEM has extensive experience in the design and development of materials to support the visit to the doctor. The main functions are:

  • Device adapted innovative design and creativity.
  • Adaptation to product branding and communication strategies.
  • Redesign and programming of materials (not a mere adaptation)
  • Optimization and use of the iPad capabilities.
  • Usability and navigation consistent with device.
  • Integration with corporate systems.
  • Value-added functions: sending materials to the doctor, satisfaction surveys, information sharing, interactive games,, etc.
  • CLM (Closed Loop Marketing)
  • Distribution and use of corporate MDM services.


Use of the iPad in the visit to the doctor is a recently introduced tool in pharmaceutical laboratories. It is clearly noticeable that it presents a new scenario in the relationship sales rep-healthcare professionals.Adopting new technologies which result attractive in the process of capturing attention has proven to be more effective than the traditional methods.


  • Differentiation.
  • Portability and availability of information.
  • Image of modernity.
  • Positive impact.
  • Increased efficiency out of the doctor's visit.


  • Device optimization.
  • Usability.
  • Integration with corporate systems.
  • Pedagogical adaptation of materials.
  • Online activity tracking.
  • Agility and flexibility in updating.
  • Scalability.


  • Visit quality: Excellent, Good, Average, Negative
  • Number of weekly presentations.
  • Area.
  • Sales Representative.
  • Length of Presentation.
  • Presentation sequence observed.
  • Time spent per slide.
  • Slide repetitions
  • Completion of registration by healthcare professional.
  • % completion of responses
  • % Rate of responses: successful, failed.
  • Most unsuccessful question (1 or 2)
  • % demonstration of multimedia elements (video, graphics ...)
  • Additional information request.
  • Representative's Feedback
  • Satisfaction Survey

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