Health Plans

Health Plans

Health Plans


Design and development of Comprehensive Health Plans to provide a value added service to the patient, facilitating the therapeutic action, compliance, awareness and prevention of disease.


Health plans encourage patient responsibility through disease prevention and self-management. They consist of guidelines and recommendations that facilitate treatment and the coexistence of patients with their ailments.


Active patients are those that show proactivity regarding the treatment of their disease and can influence the therapeutic process in an important way by using self-diagnostic tools y telemedicine platforms.

This group of patients is prevailing over the traditional patient mainly due to the emergence of patient communities. These are people who demand more information and more control over the therapeutic process which greatly influences the curing of the disease or, in the case of chronic patients, living with the disease with a higher quality of life.


  • Prevention
  • Patient education
  • Patient co-responsibility
  • Increase health system efficiency
  • Improved communication with doctor.


  • Meet the demand of the patient group to which the health plan is directed


  • Quality of care indicators measurement (readmissions, mortality, etc.).
  • Patient's quality of life improvement

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