Multi-platform applications for electronic patient records associated with a clinical trial

Electronic patient record

Electronic patient record


Development of online clinical studies for the medical community and the obtaining of scientific and promotional material.


Multi-platform applications for electronic patient record associated with a clinical trial and the subsequent use of the information obtained.

Platform for the Collection and Use of Information

Representación gráfica del funcionamiento de un registro de pacientes

  • Restricted access Web Application for patient registration.
  • Security. Information encrypting.
  • Different user profiles with different privileges depending on the investigator
  • Multicentre. Each investigator and each site has custom privileges, having access just to their own information.
  • Multiplatform. Platform access from different devices: Web, Smart Phone, Tablet, Desktop applications, etc.
  • Use of the information in real time using custom reports.
  • Statistical and methodological analysis of the results.

QUODEM has carried out multicentre patient records, involving in the same project: +150 hospitals, +500 doctors, 12,500 patients and collecting more than 4 million variables


Online studies pass on to the investigator and his environment the technological capabilities of the laboratory and convey the feeling of working with the latest technologies. There are significant cost savings compared to traditional methods. Perhaps, the most important thing to highlight would be the greater involvement of the investigator in the study due to real time monitoring and follow-up.


  • Costs reduction.
  • Follow-up and monitoring in real time.
  • Automatic validation of variables.
  • Drastic reduction of errors associated with data collection.
  • More detailed and user-friendly statistical treatment.


  • Active involvement of the Sales Force.
  • Recruitment and involvement of the participants.
  • Monitoring and follow-up in real time.
  • Ease of data collection.
  • Use of results.


  • Statistics and monitoring of patient inclusion.
  • Investigators activity.

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