Dissemination and promotion of content, materials and clinical studies among the medical community

eDetailing - eTraining

eDetailing - eTraining


  • Dissemination, in digital format, of promotional materials and clinical studies among the medical community.
  • Vacant areas coverage.
  • Complement to the doctor's visit.


The e-detailing makes possible to share commercial information and keep in touch with our users, as a complement to other communication channels. These tools promote reading and understanding of the published information, the dissemination of results from clinical studies, strengthening the relationship with the medical community.

QUODEM has developed with great success eDetailing projects, materials for the representative's iPad, Gaming, market research, materials for Conferences and events, etc.


Plataforma para proyectos de eDetailing y eTraining

The information and content provided to the healthcare professional can be diverse:

  • Product Information
  • Study Results
  • Training on a particular pathology
  • Academic Training
  • Market Research
  • Prescription Habits


Out of 99% of physicians using the Internet, 89% are looking to update their medical knowledge. The regulation of doctor's visits by the Public Administration and the fact that healthcare professionals demand quality information and training, means that there is a strategic trend change within the industry to increase the efficiency of their sales processes, seeking alternative channels to complement the traditional doctor's visit. Between 50% and 40% of the physicians recruited tend to access such programs and between 40% and 30% complete them, which shows a high impact percentage.


  • Cost reduction and improved effectiveness.
  • Reaching healthcare professionals who are usually impossible to contact by other means (Vacant Areas).
  • Deeper and more accessible communication.
  • Ensure the complete understanding of the desired message.
  • Knowledge on prescription habits.


  • Use of the functions and advantages of mobile devices (iPad, Smartphones, etc.)
  • Active involvement of the Sales Force.
  • Complement to the traditional doctor's visit.
  • Real-time information on the campaign status. Objectives measurement.
  • Mandatory compliance with final reward (incentive).
  • Integration with the company's CRM.


  • Real-time reporting on the project's activity:
  • Number of physicians and their status.
  • Custom reports and statistics by the representatives, Area Managers, Marketing.
  • Detailed analysis of the responses.

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