Live broadcast or recorded events platformallow to reach more doctor and cover zone with difficult access for Reps.




To encourage participation, communication and dissemination of the company's activities and its products at events, conferences, meetings and symposiums.


Design and preparation of activities related events held by the company, Scientific Societies or associations.

Examples of projects and services that can be undertaken:

  • Conference website. .
    • Pre-program
    • Program
    • Scientific Program
    • Conference registration
    • Online registration for events and workshops
    • Logistics and Social Program
    • Organizing committee.
    • News
    • The city.
    • Accommodation and transport.
    • Selected lectures.
  • Conference App. All the information about the conference in a mobile device App.
  • À la carte program. The user can program a schedule (itinerary) with the presentations/events he/she wants to attend and all related information.
  • Online conference. During the course of the conference, various details on presentations, symposium, videos, etc., are uploaded to the website
  • Communications management application. Web application that manages the sending of communications of the Conference lecturers, with all sorts of Committee validations, acceptances of the same, etc.
  • Online posters. Application to display the Conference poster via Web or App
  • QR Codes. Each poster has a QR code which enables the user to download the poster in PDF format or send it to his/her email address.
  • Gaming. Interactive games, touch control video-wall/monitors or iPad for attendees.
  • Online photo album. Photos taken of the conference and its participantsare uploaded live on a picture data bank accessible to everyone.
  • Webcasts.
  • Online broadcasts and Webinars. Broadcasting of events in real time or deferred, through video recording and later editing and broadcast over the Internet.



Taking advantage of today's multimedia and dissemination capabilities offered by the new technologies is an essential requirement to provide differentiated services at a lower cost. Increasingly, institutions and societies need Internet as a channel for promoting and disseminating group activities and research


  • Value-added services to the organizers.
  • Increased event dissemination.
  • Creating new complementary materials.
  • Costs reduction.
  • Image of innovation.

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