eCoaching platform




For the sales team to achieve commercial excellence. A model based on the individual's degree of knowledge, skills and capabilities grouped by competencies.


QUODEM's eCoaching platform greatly improves the sales reps resources, abilities and skills as it gives customized monitoring and evaluation of the sales call and establishes an action plan for improving competencies

The Manager (and/or Coach) states the level of the sales rep in each of the competences after a work pre-assessment during his/her daily practice. For the sales rep to progress and improve his/her performance in each capacity, a development action plan is presented.

This development plan is the main focus of the model. Through this guide the sales rep is shown specific actions to improve his capacity level. This action plan consists of a series of actions and resources (support material, self-development, actions, etc.) which help to improve the behaviour in that capacity. The development guide for each sales rep will be customized by his Manager (and/or Coach) based on the actions proposed by the model.

The main functions are:

  • Commercial Excellence Model
  • Competencies
  • Capacities
  • Level of knowledge and skills
  • Sales rep assessment protocol
  • Sales rep evaluation and classification
  • Development tool preparation
  • Development guide and evaluation consultation
  • Metrics completing development guide


The training and assistance of the sales team before and during product launch is essential to optimize communication impact quality in the medical community. The eCoaching has positioned itself as a fundamental tool for achieving commercial objectives in sales force teams.


  • Availability of information and training processes.
  • Capacities and skills increase.
  • Optimization of the level of knowledge and skills.
  • Cost reduction by using new technologies.
  • Increased vertical and horizontal communication of the sales team.


  • Real-time monitoring of online
  • Defining the KPI's.
  • Monitoring Objectives
  • Access profiles: information privileges
  • Grouping information by defined categories: levels of information
  • Integration with other information sources

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