Communication Strategies

Communication Strategies

Communication Strategies


Creativity and communication are inherent to humans, involving their need to express ideas and feelings. Therefore, both concepts are essential in any communication strategy aimed at achieving a positive and successful impact on the people targeted by our messages.


Creativity is the human ability to create, invent and communicate ideas.

Communication can be defined as an advanced creation process, as it is based on conveying ideas in an attractive and understandable manner. For this, it is necessary to define a strategy, structure the messages and determine the means by which we want those ideas to impact on our audience.

Creatividad y comunicación


Design and creativity

QUODEM has a department of communication, creativity and design specialists which can translate marketing strategies into any environment in an innovative way.


Usability is a key part of Digital Marketing, QUODEM's Ux (User Experience) professionals work through the model of interaction design to optimize the user experience.


QUODEM designs and programs its projects in compliance with the “Web Content Accessibility Guidelines “(WCAG) guidelines by the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).


QUODEM does not conceive a project without a mobile strategy. We specialize in "Responsive Design", Web Apps and Apps for iOS/Android, incorporating all the capabilities of new devices to the Digital Marketing strategies.


Search engine optimization has to be taken into account from the outset when designing and developing a website. QUODEM implements the most advanced SEO strategies (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM to optimize the indexing of the content of the page by the search engines.


The success of any project we undertake is completely shaped by the creativity and communication strategies which we have defined and applied.

Creativity is applied to any specific communication problems.


  • It captures the attention of people.
  • It brings a specific aesthetic to a particular product and audience.
  • It complements corporate strategies.
  • It is a very powerful differentiator.


  • Creativity and communication strategy definition.
  • Deep knowledge of the medium.
  • Strong motivation.
  • Perseverance and hard work.


  • Perceived brand image by the public.
  • Variation of positive impacts on communication strategies.

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