Adherence and compliance programs

Adherence and compliance programs

Adherence and compliance programs


Improve patient’s compliance with the prescription of a treatment and adherence to it.


Increased patient compliance, reminding them via SMS, eMail, Voice, Gaming or Apps, the prescription regimen associated with their treatment.


Chronic prescription products, with changes in treatment regimen over time or with doses spaced in time, present a high dropout rate compared to the prescribed regimen. These programs help with regimen compliance through direct actions to the patient (never with product advertising). The benefits are clearly seen in compliance percentages (increases of up to 43% by the taking of the 3rd dose in the case of vaccines) and a significant increase in net product sales (up to 22% in some programs).

eCompliance, programas de cumplimiento


Benefits for all parties involved:

  • Laboratory: Real increase in sales: decrease in dropout rate
  • Professional: Value-added service offered to his patient
  • Patient: Treatment compliance; improved health
  • Health authorities: Lower healthcare spending by reducing hospital readmissions and emergency room visits


  • Active involvement of the Sales Force.
  • Real-time information on the campaign status. Objectives measurement.
  • Chronic prescription products, habituation to the treatment regimen.
  • Products with treatment regimen changes over time.
  • Products with doses spaced in time (vaccines).


  • Real-time reporting on the project's activity:
  • Number of patients recruited.
  • Custom reports and statistics by the representatives, Area Managers, Marketing.

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