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Sales force teams are essentials in the relation between pharmaceutical laboratory and medical professionals, as they demand high quality accredited information, that add new values to their everyday practice.

There is, for instance, a strategy tendency change to increase sales process, base on sales force team qualification with the aim of increase quality on medical visit to the detriment of number of impacts


Products and services

Reps Training Platform

Sales force training platform - productsinformation, diseases knowledge, latest scientific information, sales techniques, etc… to increase their sales network and optimize their visit optimization.

Interactive Guidelines

Applications updated every cycle with information about products lines: sales, concurrence, sales arguments, visits outcomes, promo tools…etc

Delegates Daily Management Apps

Apps to help the sale force in their daily work from visits to information gathering.

Concurrence Analysis

Platform that helps to identify where products are positioned again concurrent products, provide sales argument and strategies

Mobile Training

Digital Training adapted for Reps (they are always on the move and most of them are not Doctors) combining text, animation and video making ease to learning and assimilate the information.

Objections Handler

Platform to help the Reps to handler the objection posed in their visits allowing them to deal successfully with clients’ needs and concerns.


Platform to manage the sales team promoting the “excellency”, it breaks communication and geographical barriers, allowing follow ups and evaluation of commercial visits.

Sales Key Messages

Information to help Reps so they can keep visits interesting and engaging focusing is key messages to pass to the doctor about a specific product.


Online training and virtual simulators aimed to Reps for improve their skills and promote good practices among the sale force


Training can be fun and presenting facts, conclusions and scientific material could be transformed into games where the Reps compete and learning at the same time.

Interactive Visit (iPad)

To optimization visits and reinforcement the key message Reps can use Apps to show more engaging digital content to the doctors


Live broadcast or recorded events platformallow to reach more doctor and cover zone with difficult access for Reps.


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