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Patients and their caregivers are the major players in health management which, in addition to requiring quality healthcare by professionals, are becoming increasingly involved in the prevention and active management of their health.

It is therefore essential to fully understand their needs and concerns in order to add value to the care process in which they are involved.  To a large extent, this is possible due to technology's contribution, as it gives society new communication means, information sources and scientific advances, making possible the design and creation of prevention, diagnosis and self-care tools.

QUODEM develops and delivers real solutions to real problems aimed at patients and caregivers, based on their specific needs and on a deep understanding of the health sector and the new technologies.


Products and services

Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O)

Strategies and best practices to optimize web positioning on search engines.

Disease Portals

Online material for patients to create awareness of diseases and create communities, also making possible to reach professional help and advice.

Multichannel Marketing

Design and development of communication and loyalty strategies for our target audience through new channels in order to obtain a high number of quality impacts.

Adherence and compliance programs

Programs to improve the prescription patterns and dosage for the patients and track their results and accomplishments

Pathologies Platform

Pathology reference platform. Registration of medical identified. Micromarketing tool.

Social Media

Although the health care sector is quite restricted there are social media initiatives that can be implemented to share experience and create communities.

Loyalty Programs

Actions aimed at customers to reinforce and complement the service, improving their perception for loyalty purposes.

Telemedicine and monitoring

Platform to remote manage patients allowing instant follow ups and treatment optimization.

Patients Training Programs

Specific training courses to enhance the understanding of diseases - interactive games, promotions, events..

Patients Apps

Mobile Apps aiming to help patient to comply with treatment and stay healthy - charts, dosages,geolocation, compliance, etc..

Content for Patients

Digital content specifically created by experts for patients.

Self-diagnosis and calculators

Application to help patients to evaluate their heath and guide them through their treatment

Health Plans

Comprehensive health plans for patients, facilitating the therapeutic actions, prescription, complianceand most importantly creating awareness of the disease.

Patients communities

Communities for patients with the same disease where they can share experiences, testimonies, knowledge and support.


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