Heath Care Professionals Solutions

The medical professionals (doctors, nurses, pharmacists, etc.) are the main agents in healthcare and, although they mainly interact with patients and caregivers, their relationship with the scientific community and the technological and pharmaceutical industries is of special interest. It is necessary to fully understand their profile and their scope (primary care, specialties, operating theatre, laboratory, administration, etc...) in order to define and execute digital marketing and communication strategies which achieve the desired results.

QUODEM’s leadership is based on a deep understanding of the health sector, digital marketing, new technologies and experience in implementing successful proven solutions. Also QUODEM relies on its medical department, its extensive network of scientific collaborators and key opinion leaders (KOLs) for the definition, design and implementation of digital marketing strategies and project developments with a high scientific and technological content.


Products and services

Product and prescription website

Design and development of websites focusing on pharmaceutical products aimed at informing medical professionals about indications and diagnosis, prescription regimens and drug interactions.

Electronic patient record

Multi-platform applications for electronic patient records associated with a clinical trial and the subsequent use of the information obtained.

Multichannel Marketing

Design and development of communication and loyalty strategies for our target audience through new channels in order to obtain a high number of quality impacts.

Ongoing medical training

Online, classroom or blended training directed to the healthcare professional, educational content generation, editorial and scientific committee, courses accreditation, management of diplomas and tutoring services.

eDetailing - eTraining

Dissemination and promotion of content, materials and clinical studies among the medical community. Covering vacant areas and complementing the doctor's visit.

Adherence and compliance programs

Programs to improve the prescription patterns and dosage for the patients and track their results and accomplishments

Conferences and events

Coverage and dissemination of healthcare professionals' conferences, events and meetings. Online broadcast, webinars, conference platform, iPad Gaming, KOLs eMeetings.

eMeetings / Webinars

Broadcasting events in real time or deferred, promotion of graphical and multimedia material or clinical studies to promote institutional relationships and links with professional communities.

Case Studies online

Quodem has developed a platform to publish online case studies for healthcare professionals. This platform can integrated interactive cases studies.

Pathologies Platform

Pathology reference platform. Registration of medical identified. Micromarketing tool.

Scientific Forums

Virtual meetings for discussion and dissemination of studies, encouraging understanding of published information and strengthening the relationship with the medical community.

Communication Platform Reps / Doctors

Platforms to improve communication between representatives and their doctors enabling an optimal and personalized contact channel oriented to excellence and exclusivity.

Apps iOS/Android

Design and development of applications aimed at patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals regarding disease education and support for their daily clinical practice.

Scientific/Medical Content

Development of reliable, up-to-date and qualitative scientific content, in coordination with authors, KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders), scientific societies and specialized committees...


Biostatistical analysis and techniques are routinely used for decision-making in virtually all companies and institutions.

Communication Strategies

Communication strategies and creativity aimed at establishing a corporate and brand image of the highest quality and a positive impact on marketing and communication.

Medical Societies and Public Institutions

Training, information and communication websites aimed at strengthening the relationship between the pharmaceutical company, medical and patient associations, and scientific groups.


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