Quodem's working methodology, platforms and technology infrastructure

Working methodology

Working methodology

QUODEM develops all its projects based on a quality system procedure which ensures full customer satisfaction. All orders are undertaken according to a methodology based on the following phases:

  • Defining the customer's strategy and objectives
  • Design and development
  • Implementation
  • Communication and promotion (external and internal)
  • Information use

Project phases

Information processing is considered a key issue in project success. We are conscious about the fact that data must be transformed into information, and this, in turn, into knowledge to enable sound decision-making as well as correcting any deviations from that planned.


QUODEM has developed a series of modular technology platforms that allow easy adaptation to external systems, as well as the creation of customized solutions according to the needs of our customers:

Quodem platforms

Technological Infrastructure

QUODEM has invested heavily in acquiring a state-of-the-art technological infrastructure for the development of its projects. This gives our customer a guarantee of the highest quality and the continuity of service.

The hosting of the different platforms is carried out on Quodem’s high capacity servers, dedicated specifically for this purpose. All servers are located in a safe and secure environment with armoured doors access, fire doors, fire detection and fire alarm systems, HVAC (22ºC ± 2ºC), ventilation and temperature control, access control and staff on-duty 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. The highest quality bandwidth and the maximum speed is always available from anywhere. Daily backups ensure data integrity.


QUODEM implements the latest standards on programming, design, and usability (W3C standards, responsive design, WAI-AA, etc...) whenever they are required by a project.

Current legislation

QUODEM undertakes its projects respecting current legislation regarding confidentiality, PDPL (personal data protection law) LSSI (Spanish acronym for Law of Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce), security and access control.

Also, in projects targeting the health sector, the legislation related to Farmaindustria's code of good practice on the promotion of drugs, the medical visit regulations and the medicines act applies.

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