QUODEM ratios and financial developments: Strength and flexibility

Financial Ratios

Financial Ratios

QUODEM enjoys the financial strength and creditworthiness necessary to address the development of any international project. This stability confers security and trust to all its customers, ensuring limitless time continuity of all the initiatives undertaken with QUODEM.

Also, QUODEM's independence with respect to any other business or financial group adds flexibility and customization to the relationship with its customers.

Key financial ratios:

Continuous balance growth
Continuous active growth
Liability table, till 2009 it was 0 with a 40% benefits

In 2008 investments were made in infrastructure. The new offices in Barcelona were inaugurated.

In 2010 Portugal's new offices were opened.

In 2012 QUODEM opened QUODEM Brazil in Sao Paulo.

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