QUODEM Specialists in Digital Marketing solutions for the health sector

Who are we?

Who are we?

QUODEM is an international company that focuses its activity on providing digital marketing solutions and business development using the most avant-garde information technology. Our work is aimed at increasing the added value of the activity carried out by our customers by helping them to design, implement and evaluate their strategies in online channels (Internet and mobile devices).

Its main competitive advantage is based on three pillars:

  • Deep knowledge of pharmaceutical marketing.
  • Command of information technology.
  • Top level Scientific Support.
QUODEM is positioned between the traditional marketing agencies and the software development agencies

QUODEM is a global activity company, specializing in the health sector whose aim is to maximize the strategies directed to all agents involved in the health sector through the use of information technology: pharmaceutical companies, professional groups, patients, carers and public administrations. QUODEM has extensive experience in the industry and works closely with all the professionals it incorporates.

QUODEM stands out from among the traditional marketing agencies, with considerable limitations with new technologies, and the corporate IT developers who are not accustomed to transforming customer needs into efficient and useful solutions within the pharmaceutical industry.

The company has strong customer orientation, transforming customer needs into concrete and effective solutions to develop their business. Our long term philosophy is based on close cooperation and a relationship of trust with our customers – we turn their needs and successes into "our" needs and successes. QUODEM is devoted to quality and reliability in the development of its projects, as well as to continuous innovation, which we consider a differentiating factor and a trademark of the company.

With an extensive knowledge of technology and information systems, plus an extensive business experience, QUODEM has the technological and human resources to transform the most advanced projects of its customers into a reality. Our team consists of marketing and business development consultants, new technologies professionals and medical-scientific advisers.

Quality Policy

QUODEM is an international company focused on the design and development of software applications, maintenance and technical support, applied to Digital Marketing and Business Development.

QUODEM is fully committed to the quality of its services to ensure the maximum customer satisfaction.

QUODEM has an Integrated Quality Management System based on the UNE – EN-ISO 9001:2008. The board of directors at QUODEM has approved and is engaged in the following values and commitments:

  • Promote the use of internal process and a code of best practice to satisfy the customers’ requirements and related regulatory compliance, as well our internal quality procedures.
  • Select the appropriate team member with the highest qualification for a given activity and assigning functions and roles to promote responsibility and professional development.
  • Promote an active customer culture within the organization that allows anticipating and even exceeding customer expectations.
  • Continually update processes and improve methods to increase the quality of products and services.

Quality is an important part of all QUODEM employees for which they are responsible not only to follow but to constantly update it and review it.

The board of direction is committed on providing the human and material resources that are necessary to satisfy the requirements of Quality Management System (QMS). The QMS policies are reviewed and shared at all time to our customer and employees.

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